Principal Investigator

David Gresham
Professor of Biology

Professor David Gresham is a biologist interested in adaptive evolution, cell growth and quiescence, and gene expression regulation.  David began as an Assistant Professor in the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology in the Department of Biology at NYU in 2009.  From 2004 – 2009, David was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of David Botstein at Princeton University. From 2001 – 2004 David was a Research Editor at Nature Genetics.  In 2001, David completed a PhD in human genetics at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia under the mentorship of Luba Kalaydjieva. David’s doctoral thesis on medical and population genetics of the Romani people is available here. David obtained a BSc from McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Prehistoric Archaeology.  At NYU, David teaches classes in human genetics, statistics, and computational biology, is the faculty director of bioinformatics and the co-director of the NIH-supported QBIST PhD training program.

Lab Manager

Lauren Lashua

Lauren Lashua

Lauren is the Gresham lab manager, as well as the Project/Data Manager for CIVR-HRP. She’s also pursuing an MBA at NYU Stern part time.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Pieter Spealman

Pieter’s research is focused on the evolution of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression and the role these dynamic regulatory pathways play in adaptation.

Chris Jackson

Chris is studying gene regulatory networks using single cell RNAseq in yeast. Chris is co-mentored by Rich Bonneau.




Ying Xie

Ying is interested in cellular crowding and proteomic remodeling when cells enter quiescent state in response of nutrient starvation. Ying is co-mentored by Liam Holt at NYU medical school, 

Doctoral Students

Farah Abdul-Rahman

I am interested in the genetic and mechanistic determinants of mRNA degradation rates and their influence on gene expression. Specifically, I aim to untangle the relationship between mRNA synthesis and mRNA degradation and its role in mediating differential expression.

Grace Avecilla

I am interested in the generation, maintenance, and loss of genetic and phenotypic variation during evolution. In the lab I am investigating copy number variation and the fitness consequences of different types of CNVs in different environments and genetic backgrounds. Grace is supported by an NSF GRFP.

Marissa Knoll

I am interested in the evolution of rapidly-mutating viruses and their consequences on human health. In the lab, I use next generation sequencing to characterize the effect of host obesity on the response to influenza infections, as well as the diversity and evolutionary dynamics of the viral populations within and between hosts.



Katherine Johnson

I am interested in using next-generation sequencing data and computational methods to better understand viral dynamics within the host and how these dynamics impact viral diversity, evolution, and transmission.



Julie Chuong

I’m interested in the evolution of complex traits, natural variation, and quantitative genetics and genomics. Julie is supported by an NSF GRFP.

Titir De

I am interested in adaptive evolution through copy number variation, the effect of environmental variations on phenotypic changes, and quantitative genetics through statistical methods.

Master Students



Yujia Ji

I am interested in the genetics and transcriptome remodelling when cells enter the quiescent state upon nutrient starvation.

Bessie Wang

Bessie is a MSc student working on detection of genetic variation in viral genomes.  Bessie obtained a BSc from the University of Toronto

Lab Technicians

Julia Matthews 

Julia is a research technician working on influenza and yeast projects in the lab.  Julia obtained a BSc in Biology from NYU.

Ina Suresh

Ina is a research technician working on yeast and synthetic biology projects.  Ina obtained a BSc in Biology from NYU and was a student in the Build A Genome course


Undergraduate Students


Lab Managers

Nathan Brandt (2010-2019)

Currently lab manager in the Heil Lab at NCSU

Angela Hickey (2019-2021)

Currently a PhD student at Stanford University 

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rodoniki Athanasiadou (2011-2015) 

Currently Senior Researcher at RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics, NYU Courant Institute



Emily Adney (2019-2021)

Currently a Field application specialist at IDT. 

Doctoral Students


Siyu Sun (2015-2020) 

Siyu studied the conserved mechanisms that regulating cellular quiescence in eukaryotes. She defined the role of each gene in quiescence initiated by carbon, nitrogen or phosphate starvation with high-throughput sequencing (BAR-Seq), and translational regulation in different quiescent states using mass spec proteomics.  Read Siyu’s PhD thesis. After obtaining her PhD, Siyu undertook postdoctoral training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the lab of Ben Greenbaum. 

Stephanie Lauer (2014-2018) 

Steff studied the dynamics of copy number variation in evolving populations.  In the lab, she pioneered the use of a fluorescent reporter to detect CNVs. Read Steff’s PhD thesis. Steff is currently a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Boeke Lab at NYU Langone Health

Darach Miller (2013-2018)

Darachs doctoral research in the lab investigated dynamic changes in mRNA decay rates and identified genetic factors that underlie the regulated changes in degradation.  Read Darach’s PhD thesis. After completing his PhD, Darach was a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Levy Lab at Stanford

Jungeui Hong (2010-2015)

Jungeui’s doctoral research focused in experimental evolution in chemostats.  Jungeui developed methods for performing whole population DNA sequencing and the evolution of transcription networks.  Read Jungeui’s PhD thesis.  After graduating, Jungeui joined  the the of Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Naomi Ziv (2010-2015) 

Naomi studied the genetic basis of growth rate variation using QTL mapping and high throughput microscopy.  Naomi was co-advised by Mark Siegal. Read Naomi’s PhD thesis. After graduating, Naomi was a Post Doctoral Fellow in the lab of Sandy Johnson at UCSF.

Benjamin Samuel Neymotin (2010-2015) 

Benjy’s doctoral research entailed the development of methods to measure genome-wide mRNA degradation rates using metabolic labeling (RATE-seq) and identification of factors that underlie those differences.  Read Benjy’s PhD thesis. After graduating with his PhD, Benjy took a position as Assistant Director, Office of Biotechnology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Visiting Doctoral Students

Carolina Oliveira de Santana

I am interested in learning more about analysis of genomic data generated from massive sequencing to interpret environmental samples and correlate the structure of the microbial sediment community with their performance in the kinetics of nitrogen transformation.

Masters Students

Gunjan Janak Sethia (2015-2017)

Tayebeh Bahmani (2009-2011) 

Currently in Global Supply Chain Management at Illumina

Lab Technicians 

Charles Miller (2018-2021)

Current PhD student at University of Edinburgh. 

Undergraduate Students

Miles Tran

Janelle Womak (2019)

Juli Miller (2018)

Erika Levine

Lauren Brown (2018)

Currently an undergraduate student at Spelman College

Daniel Pham (2017)

Carla S Rodriguez Tirado (2016)

Alexander Ferrena (2016-2017)

Yiwen Qin (2016-2017)

Saroj Gourkanti (2015-2017) 

Currently a Research Technician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Christina Nunez (2014-2015)

Sarah Choski (2013-2014)

Victoria Ettore (2012-2014) 

Currently a Medical Student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Alicia Mastrocco (2011-2012)

Bentley Shuster (2012-2013)

Currently a Doctoral Student in the Eichenberger at NYU

Russell Durrett (NYU iGEM team leader, 2010)

High School Students

Kent Dong (2018)

Stephen Nyarko (2015-2016) 

Currently an undergraduate student at Harvard University.

Wei Hou Wu (2013-2015) 

Currently an undergraduate student at MIT.

Anise Rau (2013-2015) 

Currently an undergraduate student at Caltech.

Yvette Pollack (2012) 

Currently an undergraduate student at Boston University

Lev Omelchenko (2010)

Currently a Film Director for Future Boston.